We Clucked Up. Royally. - Candle Monster

We Clucked Up. Royally.

We are currently innundated with orders, as well as a justified shitstorm of messages, emails, chargebacks, and even a couple of well deserved nega...

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Signature presents: South Beach - Candle Monster
New Release

Signature presents: South Beach

Coconut • Ocean • Key Lime • Dewy Green • Rosewood  The classic Coconut & Lime revisited and given our magic to do it the way it should have b...

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Fragrance Structure - Candle Monster

Fragrance Structure

I've never really explained the fragrance breakdown we have on every products page, so here it is; but first lets start with a definition: Accord ...

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Going to the Beach - Candle Monster

Going to the Beach

It's been a hell of a year, So we're taking a much needed break from December 24th to January 6th. You should too. Get out of the city, get some sa...

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Botanica Hitting It's Stride - Candle Monster

Botanica Hitting It's Stride

I'm so thrilled that Botanica has really taken off. I'm still gobsmacked at Daphne being such a runaway success, at two points when we'd ran out we...

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Candle Subscriptions - Candle Monster
New products

Candle Subscriptions

Introducing a new way to shop for your ambience, our candle subscription service. Not only do you get the candles you would have picked, but you al...

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Diffusers Are Here At Last - Candle Monster

Diffusers Are Here At Last

We've had a few false starts with diffusers, getting to the point of launching them, then backing down because the products just felt too 'beige'. ...

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