Diffusers Are Here At Last

We've had a few false starts with diffusers, getting to the point of launching them, then backing down because the products just felt too 'beige'. You know what I mean right? Those same sad bottles, that same sad look, really a product that you would immediately want to place out of sight because it lacks even a basic appeal that you demand from an object that will live central to your daily life.

Well after two years of 'too hard' basket, I've found a piece of gorgeous Luigi Bormioli italian glassware that hits Candle Monster's very high mark. I'm in love. A certain suave distinction sets their glassware apart since it began in the '40s. They're based in Parma in Italy, nestled halfway between Bologna and Milan. Historically, this region was home of the ancient Etruscans, who excelled in sculpting and terracotta artworks, and today this same area is renown as a centre for arts and glass making. 

I went for thick black reeds, hoping they would mirror the bottom glassware shape above, and they did. For branding I want to keep it really simple; as you well know we are sympathetic to those that don't like brand names in their face, we're the first to acknowledge, it destroys the moment. We will have a simple 1.5cm strip of branding down one side only, which can be faced backwards for a completely unbranded experience.


Not all fragrances suit diffusers, remember, you live with them 24-7, as they're not a sometimes thing like candles. We've chosen our initial fragrances as follows:

  • Skargard
  • Rainforest
  • Harajuku
  • Enigmatique
  • Undertow
  • Bramble
  • Magnolia
  • Soho

The diffuser liquid won't ship in the glassware, rather in a spouted foil pouch, to reduce the waste but also to create two products at once, yes that's right, we will also sell refills. 

If you don't want to refill it, when you're done, after a good clean (ideally a couple of spins in the dishwasher) you can repurpose the glassware as vases, or even cocktail or wine carafes.

We're currently running our testing phase but hope to have them available in the store towards the end of February.

Let us know what you think!



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