At the end of your candles life the glassware can live on; you can use them as pen or pencil holders for grown ups or kids, loose change holders, small vases or even indoor cactus pots.

Because we use soy wax and removable branding labels, preparing glassware for its new life is easier than you think. Some glassware is painted, so using abrasive cleaners can scrape the paint off which looks awful, so don't use anything scrapey on the glassware.

Warning: this procedure will result in the glass heating to about 75 degrees Celsius. Do not pick the glass up without an oven mitt on to insulate your hand. Never leave the saucepan unattended throughout the process. 

      For this task you will need: a saucepan, some paper towel, and oven mitt and a pair of tongs. 



        1. Put your glassware into an old saucepan and fill the saucepan with water around it to about 2cm below the top of the glassware.

        2. Simmer it on a medium heat until all the remaining wax inside has completely melted. After its reached this point, allow it to simmer for a further 2 minutes to allow time for the wick glue to melt too. 

        3. Tear off two sheets of paper toweling and place it on the sink.

        4. Transfer the saucepan onto the sink and have your bin close by.

        5. Put an oven mitt on, then carefully lift the glass out by its rim using the tongs, grab it with your mitted hand, then tip the melted wax into the bin.

        6. Use your finger to gently roll the edge of the labels up, then slowly peel them off.

        7. Grab the paper towel in your non-mitted hand, and wipe out the remaining wax from inside the glass. If the wick base remain, apply a little pressure to one side of it to dislodge it, then throw it and the paper towel in the bin.

        8. Transfer the glassware to the sink and allow it to cool for 5-10 minutes, or until you can touch it with your naked hand.

        9. Wash out the glassware with dish-washing liquid, rinse in under hot water and immediately dry.