Welcome to our parlour

Established in 2014 in Melbourne and proudly still here, we're a boutique studio that does everything in-house and makes our products by hand, with your moment using them in mind. 

Our goal is high quality, even higher curation, and try to offer something more considered than others. We constantly add to our loved collections, and drop limited editions occasionally.

We believe in sustainability, small footprints, cruelty free, mostly plant based, doing things properly and the general good in people. Every candle we sell has in a $3-5 charity donation.

Botanica Collection

Styling's been updated

We've updated the glassware to a thick bottomed white opaque glass with a gold rim. We've also updated the packaging to be the deluxe white gift boxes and have a similar look and feel to Signature Series, but in white. Now more than ever, all our candles really are a great gift.

Need help choosing a gift?

Try Our Unique Method

We'll ask three questions about the recipient. Based on your answers we'll give two definitive recommendations. Our method has a 96% success rate! Hit the 'Message Us' button onscreen and ask for a recommendation. Alternatively we can just talk with you in depth about scents to help you decide.

new signature collection styling

We're switching over

We're currently amidst introducing a packaging update, so we have stock of both our old and new products. Part of this changeover we are phasing out included lids. Including them seems too wasteful, and we're trying to be as sustainable as possible. You will have noticed we dropped our prices by $4 - that was to pass the cost reduction on to you. Lids in a variety of colours are available to buy if needed, and if you buy one, we will put it on your candle before shipping to you.

New style: black matte glassware, no lid, deluxe black gift box with lid wrap  |  Old style: gloss black glassware, rose gold lid, black rose gold box (see both pictured right)

If you prefer one over the other, let us know by adding a comment during checkout and we will do our best to accommodate.