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Daphne Scented Candle - Candle - Candle Monster

Daphne Scented Candle

3 reviews
Jasmine Scented Candle - Candle - Candle Monster

Jasmine Scented Candle

7 reviews
Rose Scented Candle - Candle - Candle Monster

Rose Scented Candle

4 reviews

Support ukraine

Some of our products are designed and hand made in Ukraine. By buying these items you are supporting a business in Kyiv re-establishing itself. These products make great gifts for your Ukrainian friends!

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Premium Reed Diffusers

Why Candle Monster?

Curated Fragrances

We only add exemplary fragrances to our collections. Most of our fragrances you wont find anywere else. We've gone through over 500 fragrances to find the 45 we work with. We are constantly testing new ones, cause the beauty of fragrance is that it's never ending.

This is why we offer an enjoyment guarantee with all our candles. If you don't like it we will swap it for free.

There is no substitute

Quality products

From the the moulded extra heat resistant glassware, to the highest end of soy wax, we only use premium components to make our creations. It makes a huge difference. Lead free cotton wicks, and low alergen fragrances mean they dont make you sneeze like cheaper fragrances.

Our packaging is always dressed for the occasion, the deluxe boxes adorned with our in house designed and printed labels, with an insert that tells you how to maximise your burn time.

We take it to the max

Fragrance Load

Most candles have about a 6-8% fragrance load. Ours have 11%. We take it as far as the wax supports. The strength is not just about the fragrance, its the performance of the candle components all working together too.

The soy wax we use, gives a great cold throw, which will fill a medium room without being lit. The wick, gives a melt pool fast without excellerating the burn time, nor bilowing smoke. The glassware diameter, emits more of the perfume, which travels further.

bigger is always better

Extra-Large 80+ hrs

Our standard candle size is XL. Bigger candles last longer, which means you get more enjoyment, spend less on shipping and reduce the amount of packaging being thrown out, as you buy them less frequently. In addition to that, this scaled size gets the candle fragrance emitting faster and further into your home once its lit.

We also pour to the top instead of leaving that annoying 3cm+ gap most companies do. It's getting bigger as time goes on too. Rude!

We're true local

Melbourne Made

We are Australian owned and all our products are made in our studio in North Fitzroy. All but three of our fragrances are made in Australia. We do everything in-house, and use Australian businesses for about 96% of our wholesale transactions. We support local charities, and donate prizes to community groups for fundraising raffles.

We're proud to be under the 'Australian made' banner, and all it stands for.

New to candle monster?

Start with a sampler

They contain 4 maxi-tealights that each last for 12 hours each, giving a great session to try the fragrances. Each pack contains a $10 discount code off a full size candle purchase.

There's nine sampler packs to choose from.

Luxury Hand & Body Wash

Pomelo Body Wash - Candle Monster

Pomelo Body Wash

4 reviews
Restore Hand Wash - Candle Monster

Restore Hand Wash

1 review
Sandal & Leather Body Wash - Candle Monster

Sandal & Leather Body Wash

No reviews

Crystal & Glass Votives

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