Bride and Bouquet

We do custom bulk batch candles to suit any occasion. With a large range of glassware, fragrances, and styling skills we can consult with you to prototype the perfect candle to give you the piece of mind before you put in a bulk order.


We can help you plan, select and then deliver the fragrance for your wedding that you're dreaming of. Whether it be large long range candles to fill your venue with fragrance, stylish candles for table centerpieces, bespoke gifts for all your wedding guests, or even a custom creation for your beloved bridesmaids, we can do it all. Brides, Grooms and Wedding Planners, please contact us to find out more.


Send us the details of your venue and what you want to achieve and we can give you options so you can make the event all it can be. We can offer many options:

 - Subtle table candle light
 - Glamorous table centerpieces
 - Massive multi-wick candles to fill a large venue with fragrance
 - Large outdoor insect repelling candles with masking fragrance


    Scented candles are the ultimate gift these days. I know lots of companies buy ad-hoc gifts to say 'thanks' to their customers, or buy random token items to hand out at events. Most of the handouts get five minutes of exposure, tops, before ending up in the bin. What a waste of money, and the benefits realization for the outlay is zero. 

    Now let's suppose that gift was a branded, medium sized scented candle... 

     - It feels very generous and substantial
     - It will likely be front and center for 30-35 hours minimum, more likely weeks
     - The recipient will likely show others, further propagating your brand 
     - It's a blank canvas that can contain whatever message you like
     - It can be styled to match your company branding
     - It can be produced a range of ways to fit into your budget
     - You can buy in bulk, store, and make them project completion gifts
     - You can use them yourself in your office's reception area
     - Even if the recipient isn't so into it, a colleague or their partner will be
     - Extremely low chance it will be discarded without achieving exposure

    We can help design your candle and craft your message to get the impact you want.

    Different configurations can meet a myriad of objectives, be it price, ambiance, or emotion. Bulk candles can be produced for very little by making thrifty choices, or conversely be as considered and high end as I can go within your budget to achieve your objectives.

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