Disasters motivate... So we levelled up.

We recently discovered that the black dye based ink we were using has faded in some specific situations, and to be honest we are mortified. During our testing we put our labels in direct sunlight, outside for a few days, ran them under the tap and so on. Naturally as soon as we found out, we had to resolve it. Properly and fast too. 

Most businesses send their product labels out for printing, and whilst its so convenient and relatively cost effective, its's one area of the business I just could not delegate. I'm too much of a control freak for that - plus people in the print industry are typically really rude bastards who I'd rather avoid altogether. Kinda justified, as most of them have had muggles that think they know what they're doing coming at them for decades, I'm guessing fixing all their files all the time is what makes them so surly.

Introducing our solution... (and newest piece of kit!), an Epson Colorworks C6510A. These bad boys use Epson's DURABrite pigment based dye, so no chance of fading or water damage, regardless of the circumstances. It's got an auto cutter in it too, so the labels come out of cut to size and ready to use. Excuse me while I geek out with excitement. It takes rolls of individual specific sized labels in may sizes, and also continuous rolls (hence the auto cutter). You might notice some subtle differences in our products in the coming weeks as we cut all their styling over to this glorious machine.

If you have a diffuser with a faded sticker on it, or any other product that's not looking as perky as it should be, please flick us a message, and we will post a replacement label out. If you're one of those people that doesn't want to cause a fuss and says "Don't worry, it's ok", please understand that we don't want anyone to have this experience with our products. We lose sleep over stuff like this. It's no trouble at all to print and send a label out and we want to.

Perfect point now to promote our custom service more heavily, so.....


We do full custom in bulk, properly

Bespoke candles in bulk suit so many occasions, with example uses such as:

  • Attendee gift at an event
  • Table decorations and scent propagation over large areas
  • Guest gifts at weddings, christenings and memorials
  • A promotional giveaway, styled with your content
  • End of year mass corporate gifting to all your staff
  • Thankyou gifts for your big or repeat customers

We can help you design it from scratch target it to its recipients, and take you on the journey. The initial consultations are complimentary, and there is no obligation whatsoever. Drop us a line to setup and time for a chat.

If you haven't seen our custom products, you'll see some of our work below. We did all of this with our older printer, so imagine how far we can go with this new one!

Moaning Lisa Band - Debut album launch candle


Tasman Environmental Markets: New starter, board member and employee gifts


AusLitTeal: Fundraiser product to fund awareness campaigns


Our Collaborative Process

We use 'Best in Breed' collaboration tools to make it easy and informed. Figma is fabulous and free so all you need to do is register to get access. We have pre-created component tables with loads of options, presented well (#1). Separate to that, we have another table where we prototype all desired candle component configurations so you can start to visualise it and know its cost (#2). Part of establishing the cost is to have an idea of the styling and branding, which we cover off with simple prototyping (#3).

There's also a section for you to upload your logos, or other content for use in the design, and once the designs are drafted, you can drag them onto hot spots to see what they will look like on the product (#4), which is totally everyone's favourite part.

#1. Component Options Table


#2. Potential Product Candidates Table


#3. Glassware & Box Styling


#4. Product Swatches, Designs, Magic Preview



We will collaborate with you to bring your fabulous product concept to life, together.


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