From our very first candle sold, right up to this moment, we have donated a portion of the money to a charity, and will continue doing so forever. How much, and which charity depends on what candle you bought. For Signature and Botanica Collection candles, we donate $3 from every candle sold to our primary chosen charity. If you bought a limited edition, donations are more, and each go to a different charity:

Why Donate?

When starting CandleMonster, we had a realisation. Candles are consumable objects, and their primary function is to burn. The parallels of burning money are somewhat close. So we figured if people can afford to burn money, then they can afford to donate too. Rather than make it complicated and optional, we decided to make it all happen behind the scenes and just tell you about it so you get the nice moment from doing something good. It's really great to have such a community focused pillar of the business, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Current Donation Recipients

Our primary charity is Share the Dignity, who do great work in our community for homeless women and victims of domestic violence. Their primary function is to provide sanitary items to people unable to buy them. This small donation makes a big difference to these women's dignity.

Limited Edition Paired Charities

Future Planned Recipients

The following organisations represent our immediate road-map to start donating to shortly. Once we have initiated contributions this page will be updated and the active organisation will be moved above with the others.

  • Fred Hollows Foundation
  • Asthma Foundation

Suggest a Recipient

We're always on the lookout for remarkable organisations to donate to. Each limited edition is linked to its own charity, so we prefer to have a few new charities planned and ready to go. Feel free to suggest your favorites, we'd love to hear about them.