We're taking a small break...

Hello friends,

We've had one heck of a year. Our commitment and excitement for what we have built is unwavering, and a big part of that is you, We love our customers and the response you've been giving to our products. You have been AMAZING. The year however, has taken its toll on us and we need to have a small break. 

We will be closing from December 23rd to January 16th 2021 to head to the beach to have a small break. During this time the store will remain open for new orders, but no orders will be dispatched until January 16th onwards.

Have no fear, we will be back bright eyed and bushy tailed with an exciting set of new products to release that we have already queued up to add to our collections. We are leaving the store open so people can use their Christmas gift-cards, and gift recipients can explore our range and get their home ambience organized for 2021.

We will answer all emails and dispatch all orders on the weekend of January 16th when we return.

Thanks for all your support in 2020, we could not have made it through without you.

Damien xx

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You are amazeballs, I have just received the most beautiful gift in the mail from my ‘work wife’ who you know as Aunty Donz, and cleverly orchestrated by yourself. Thank you so very much, it was so beautifully gift wrapped, but I can’t wait to fire up my beautiful Candle Monster Apple scented candle. Love your work. ‘Aunty Donz’ is a little bit naughty but I love her like a sister, she is my sanity and the reason why I keep rocking up to work daily. I appreciate all that she is and all that she does and am so happy that she has introduced me to your beautiful products. Thank you 🙏

Jo Tippett September 07, 2021

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