Over To You: Choose Your Complimentary Sampler with Order

As of next week, every order over $15 qualifies for a free 50g maxi-light sampler candle in the fragrance of your choice - and you can choose across all collections from our entire fragrance library.

So from now on, you can choose your own adventure through our collection; over indulge in your favorite olfactory, or satisfy that curiosity you've been nursing for a while.

If you're already a customer, you will have seen our samplers before, we usually throw one in with each order. They're about four times the size or a regular tealight and burn for 12-15 hours, giving you as decent session to see if you like the fragrance. 

Adding It To Your Order

Because you need to choose the fragrance, we can't automatically add the sampler to your cart, you have to. The process to claim it is simple:

  1. On the cart page, click the 'complimentary sampler' link
      Expand the fragrance library section for a full summary
  2. Use the dropdown list to select fragrance
  3. Add it to your cart
  4. Start the checkout proccess
      The cost will automatically adjust to $0.00 

We Can Surprise You

Our fragrance library is huge, so we're anticipating some people being overwhelmed and unable to decide, so the first option in the drop down list is 'Surprise me', and if selected, we shall.

  • One complimentary sample per order only. If you add more, the extras will be $3.50 each.
  • The total of all products in your bag must be $15 or more. Shipping is excluded from this total.
Share Your Thoughts

The product page has a 'Customer Reivews' panel just like every product in our store, so please make use of it to let us, and other customers know what you think of each fragrance. Reviews give new customers confidence to complete their order.


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