Candle Monster sitting in the sun in le Jardin de Tuileries in Paris.

Established in 2014 and proudly still based in Melbourne, Australia, Candle Monster is a boutique studio that makes extra-large soy candles, perfumes, home fragrances and body products. All of our products are hand-made with care, precision and love. From digital design to pouring candles, no aspect of our business has ever been done by outsiders, and we're quite proud of that. Everything we create is done with your moment using it in mind.

Our goal is high quality, even higher curation, and to try to offer something more considered than others. We believe in sustainability, small footprints, cruelty free, plant based, doing things properly and the general good in people. Every candle sold has in a $3-5 charity donation.

In our early stages we decided not to rush to market, rather to master the craft and learn the boundaries well, mainly so we could push them. Our goal from the start was achieving high quality to stand out from the crowd. Whist quality was paramount, the nasty additives creeping into everything make our blood boil, so every product we make must be as natural as can be. 

Our experience with candles was that their fragrances were often hard to smell; research confirmed it wasn't just us, and further research confirmed the houses we're living in are changing over the years. Open plan (and often bigger) homes are very common, and typical candles struggle in them. There is also limitations on how much fragrance some soy waxes can take.

We discovered a configuration of components which seems to breaks limits, and after much testing and revising, the extra-large size we specialise in was born. The long burn time reduces waste too.

    We fantasized about two primary collections, one being eclectic with no barriers and have a 'sense of place'; the other to celebrate pure, perfect flower scents, so we set out to create them. Fast forward 5 years and we've achieved a lot, but this is the beauty of fragrance, it never really ends. There is always more to explore.

    We recognise and celebrate the ritual and solace people get from home fragrance, so we focus on your moment with our products from the ideation phase all the way through to producing them - all so we can make your experience all it can be. We're inspired by the unlimited possibilities in the fragrance landscape, and we bring to you a range of very different ambiences that will accent your home, engage your senses, and complete your sanctuary. Some of our scents can leave the home as perfumes and perfume oils.

    Don't save your candles or other products for special, every day is special. You're special. You deserve these little rituals that enrich your day. We get one shot at life; we must take it, and make it colourful, rewarding and fulfilling.

    We hope you get as much enjoyment from our products as we did making them for you. xx