Signature presents: South Beach

Coconut • Ocean • Key Lime • Dewy Green • Rosewood 

The classic Coconut & Lime revisited and given our magic to do it the way it should have been from the start. Our South Beach scented candle is available in our online store now.


If you love the tropics, beach life, summer, and well, coconut - this is absolutely for you.

 • Coconut so fully represented you can almost taste it
 • Key lime so bright with the sourness unmuted
 • Oceanic and fresh notes to start the accord off
 • Woody base with rosewood to bring in light florals


 • Top: coconut flesh, coconut cream, agave, ocean
 • Middle: key lime, dewy green, ylang ylang, 
 • Base: rosewood, sandal


Coconut and lime has been done to death. I think about 12 scent variants made by wholesalers have passed through these hands over the last few years and all of them completely forgettable. 

We avoided it for so long but couldn't any longer. Two of the most epic tastes and scents on the planet, how could they not produce magic together in a candle?

We decided our version would make the coconut the star of the show with about 65%, 20% would be about the lime and the remaining 15% about framing the sense of place. 


We reached for the expected exotic fruit photos (like used on this post) but then groaned at the lack of originality. Thats what EVERYONE does. So instead we opted for a photo we took when there recently.

South Beach is a funny place, sure theres the beach life aspect of it, but thats only a part of it. The nightlife is the more dominant, and if it's experienced right, there is literally no other place on the planet that can hit that high mark.

South Beach Miami is a pastiche of the rich playboys, tourists, a never ending party, and the famous Florida 'anything goes' attitude, all amongst the most beautiful setting of endless art deco buildings. It's like you've stepped onto a movie set.

The photo we chose draws in these aspects, The Colony Hotel is one of the most iconic art deco hotels on Ocean Drive, its stunning, and the way its lit up at night with the neons is fab, and of course the key lime corvette out front just sets it off. 

This killer track was playing loudly on the car stereo when the photo was taken, enjoy! 


...and heres my little sister enjoying the sunrise on South Beach.

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