We're Moving to the Mountains...

Yep. It's a big change, and one that we can't wait for. We've lived in the inner city for the last 20 odd years, and with the property market the way it is, it was a no-brainer. The last couple of years have been really taxing on us, (and everyone I think) so this tree-change will let us build our sanctuary to heal and inspire is into the future. 

Our new home, and Candle Monster's new home is perched atop the stunning Dandenong Ranges. We'll be surrounded by nature, fresh air, peace and quiet, and Candle Monster will have it's own proper space. That header image is the actual view from Candle Monster's balcony.

Closure Window

Moving house is huge. Moving house and moving a business is massive. We need time to focus on this properly so it all goes smoothly. We will be closing on the 28th of June, and re-open for business on the 20th of July. Any orders placed during this period will fulfilled on the 20th of July. 

Before we close we promise to ship all orders placed before the 28th of June.

What Will Change?

Well, kerbside pickup won't be as practical as it was when we we're inner city, so that will stop. We also had a free delivery zone around our home, that will stop too, being replaced with free delivery zone around our new home.

Other than that, not much else will change. 

What About Shipping Times?

Most of the towns in the Dandenong Ranges fall under the 'Eastern Metro' geofence, so AusPost will be largely the same, except for Express Post - we will fall outside of the guarenteed next day delivery zones.

I've punched in a few ship to post codes all over Australia and at most it adds 1 business day to shipping times. I will suss out what time the van comes past our new local post office and make sure I beat it so parcels aren't sitting around.

Our Stockist in Yarraville, Melbourne

If you have a candle emergency and need a gift yesterday, pop in an see Elise at her fabulous store, 'The Village Idiom'. She stocks most of our Signature and Botanica ranges, as well as a few limited editions too. You can find the store at 34 Anderson Street, Yarraville. It's seriously one of the best curated stores I've ever seen. You won't regret popping in!

New Limited Edition: Dandenong Ranges?

You can bet your cat there will be. This change for us is so important and has been so long in the making; This Limited Edition has to be perfect so give us a little time. Designing and refining cannot be rushed. 


Thank you for being our customer, and supporting Candle Monster. We're excited to resume raising the bar on home fragrance in our inspiring new setting.


This is an outright lie. I ordered in April 2024 and have tried to contact you many many times. I’m still in the process of trying to get my money back through the bank. So frustrating you would write this blatant rubbish when you clearly have unfulfilled orders and are encouraging people to purchase from you – leaving the website open to take more orders. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PERSON. It is a hassle to try and get your money back through your bank….an annoying process that takes months to resolve. Urgh, why are people like this, you are stealing money from people and deceiving them into a fake purchase and then doubling down with this ridiculous post.

Kylie Dexter July 06, 2024

I placed an order on the 24th May and haven’t heard anything. No email saying you would be shut, nothing. I have sent several emails, tried to call and text. No response.
Afterpay is still taking orders and taking money on your behalf…..

L July 04, 2024

Hi hope the move is going well. Apologies for the annoyance during this time but I havent received my order #2858 and was needed for a gift this weekend. Can I please have an update? Thanks again

Tess July 04, 2024

Just letting you know that I haven’t got my order my number is2827 pd $62.60 for my daphine diffuser refill and Peony room spray. The order was about 15th May..Yes I read that you’ve moved but could you please send me a email saying that I’ll get my products soon..many thanks.Heather

Heather Milne June 18, 2024

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