Wear It Purple Limited Edition Candle

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A delicious spicy, tangy fruity accord.
370g triple scented, 65-hour, soy wax candle.
Donation of $5 from every sale to Wear It Purple.

Pro-Tip: If you have a young LGBTIQ+ person in your family or friend circle, this would be an amazing gift for them between now and the actual day. Wear It Purple Day is on the 25th of August. 


Removing the lid from the faceted glassware reveals that this candle has purple wax! Soon after, the irresistable fruit melange starts filling the air, it's delicious. The carefully chosen fruit combination is very complimentary and transcend it being simply 'fruity', as the zest and other elements transform and give it a wonderful spicy tang that's very morish. The glassware can be repurposed and live on long after the candle is finished.


A follow on from our pride candle, but specifically the for the younger generation, Wear It Purple started as a national day for raising awareness and showing acceptance between all genders and sexual orientations. The purple element of this event allows and shows alliance without the neccesity of discussion. There's something so great about that, and what a fabulous colour to go with. 

Fragrance notes:
  • Top: Blood orange, mandarin, lemon and lime zest
  • Middle: Tangerine, red currant

  • Base: Cranberry, blueberry

Not available in any other products, if you would like it to be please request it, we would be happy to make it just for you.

pure, sustainable soy wax with lead-free wick, and quality low-allergen fragrance. Natural and vegan. More about our candles here, and tips for maximising burn time here.

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