Fragrance Sampler Signature.01


Our samplers contain maxi tea light cups; they're considerably larger than a regular tea light, and burn for about three times as long so you can really give each fragrance a decent go to determine if you like it. Each box contains 4 x Maxi tea light cups. You will also get a discount code inside the box that takes the cost of this sampler (postage excluded) off the price of a full sized candle.

Maxi-light specifications
  • Burn time: 12-15 hours per maxi cup
  • Wax: Ecosoya, premium soy wax
  • Fragrance type: Low allergy fragrance oil
  • Fragrance load: 14%, gives great warm and cold throw
  • Wick: CDN cotton
  • Casing: Tough, heat resistant and recyclable polycarbonate
  • Hand made in Melbourne, Australia

As tea lights and maxi-cups don't have a glass casing around them to buffer the heat on surfaces, you should always put them on a saucer while in use.

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