Bergamot • Jasmine • Tonka • Patchouli • Leather
440g triple scented, 80-hour, soy wax candle.
Donation of $3 from every sale to Share the Dignity.


A wonderfully layered, beguiling and complex fragrance that gets your attention fast like a scandal does. It's like a cult perfume everyone chases, but its right here on front of you, and the perfect start for something mischievous...


She rolled up to the club in her Bentley, the growl of the V8 winding down as Genaro the bouncer swiftly opened the door to the red carpet. Lines out the back mean lines out the front; and they were big lines; too big. Paparazzi lie in wait like starving wolves… She went too far, but she always does because she loves it; and it loves her. Catwalks by day and podiums by night; diamonds, haute couture and stale tobacco smoke swirl in the whirlwind of her life…


The one. The only. Kate Moss. Oh and this: 


Top: bergamot, orange, rosemary
Middle: almond, jasmine, tonka
Base: leather, vetiver, patchouli, amber, vanilla, musk

Not available in any other products, if you would like it to be please request it, we would be happy to make it just for you.


Pure, sustainable soy wax with lead-free wick, and quality low-allergen fragrance. Natural and vegan.

More about our candles here, and tips for maximising burn time here.

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