Ultima Thule Clear Votive

By Iittala of Finland

Inspired by the melting ice in Lapland, Tapio Wirkkala originally created the surface of Ultima Thule in the 1960s after carving into a graphic mould. An exclusive design reflecting the thousands of hours spent perfecting the glass-blowing technique required to produce the effect. These come in clear, smoke grey, and rain blue.


Use them as a centrepiece on your dining table, or mantelpiece, or just to dial up the ambiance in your lounge on a weeknight for night for no real reason. Three or more scattered around a room at different heights creates a stunning effect.

These votives have a bonus - they're big enough to fit fit our samplers, which are clear walled too for maximum brightness. Grab yourself a lucky dip pack and enjoy your 12-15 hours from your votives whilst exploring our fragrances.

We also sell clear walled tealights which maximise brightness in votives, as the light comes out from all directions. 


What started as a glass factory in Iittala, Finland, today celebrates generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives. We believe objects should be distinctive, combinable and multi-functional, with lasting design that inspires individual use and expression.

As a company based in Finland, where quality, aesthetics and functionality are important values, Iittala believes in interior design that lasts a lifetime. The progressive philosophy of our design heroes, Kaj Franck and Alvar Aalto, still inspires us to keep Iittala forever relevant.

We don’t just create beautiful objects. We believe in timeless design that will never be thrown away.

 • Material: pressed glass
 • Dimensions: diameter 6.5, height 6.2
 • Crafted by hand in the glass works of Iittala, Finland
 • Designed by Tapio Wirkkala
 • Holds a single tealight inside, clear walled is best
 • Footed design
 • Dishwasher safe

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