Pomelo Paradis Scented Candle

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Pomelo • Violet • Jasmine • Mandarin • Grapefruit
440g triple scented, 80-hour, soy wax candle.
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A celebration of citrus, Pomelo Paradis is fresh, energizing and vibrant. Often likened to grapefruit, pomelo brings a little sweetness in, in place of grapefruits sourness. The perfect backdrop for summer escapades.


Paris in the summer time.


She loves the smell of citrus; the exotic notes immediately trigger memories and feelings of being on vacation… But she never smelled citrus like this.. Walking up Rue de St Honore in the Marais it hit her like a metro train… Captivating and sassy, she had never smelled it before but immediately identified it has ‘her smell.

Fragrance notes
Top: mandarin, grapefruit
Middle: violet, pomelo

Base: jasmine

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Our matte black glassware is thick walled and specifically rated for candles, we fit it with a lead-free cotton wick, then fill it with pure, sustainable soy wax mixed with high quality low-allergen Australian made fragrances. Our candles are natural, vegan, free from parabens and phthalates, and made in Australia by us. More about our candles here, and tips for maximising burn time here

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