Individual things that inspire us in any way are priceless, but the fact that those individual items can all come together inside our minds and mutate into ideation towards something else is so powerful. When we pull the thread on that ideation and actually create things using the inspiration, the result is always greater than the sum of all parts.

"Inspiration demands a certain posture, the sort of posture people feel when they are overawed by something large and mysterious. They are both humbled and self-confident, surrendering and also powerful. When people are inspired they are willing to take a daring lark toward something truly great. They’re brave enough to embrace the craggy fierceness of the truth and to try to express it in some new way.”

- David Brooks

When we let inspiration in, time disappears, our senses are ignited and some are lucky to get my favorite, 'frisson', which is when that wave goes through your body and you get goosebumps from being overwhelmed by sheer beauty. It has a positive impact on our wellbeing, by means of increased belief in our own abilities, our self-esteem, and our optimism. Pulling threads and exploring things that pique our interests is also an enjoyable pastime in itself, even if that just means binging on wallpaper account posts on Instagram. (don't judge us, we're everywhere)

Some people aren't inspired by much, others so much it dilutes everything. Nonetheless its all relevant, and we want to start sharing a little more of our inspiration with you. It will be subtle and can be largely ignored. It will wait to be discovered. We hope it heightens your experience.

As usual we're starting with a bang, and all candles will have a QR code stuck to the bubble wrap. When scanned with your phone camera it will play that particular candles unboxing music, which was also part of what inspired us to create it.

You will see other elements you can explore added to product pages over the next wee while as we refine what we think may be of interest. We hope you enjoy getting to see into our process a little more. 

Deep Web by Whitevoid is one of our favorite things ever, not only for its artistic merit, more so that it was created, configured, choreographed and perfected by humans. Those are lasers hitting the suspended balls moving up and down. Watch in full screen with loud sound. You are capable of doing extraordinary things, be inspired!  


Some of the many things that get us going:

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