Reviews are our lifeblood...

Reviews are so important for eCommerce stores:

  • Potential customers read them for peace of mind that they will have a good transaction with us, and like the product when it arrives.
  • Google ranks your store higher up in the search results cause of the more validation it has had by google users on its platform.
  • ... and us Business Owners need the honest feedback to determine if there are things we need to change to better meet demand.

There's only one small hiccup. People are leaving less and less reviews as time moves forward, despite knowing that they use those very reviews to decide to transact or abandon cart. It's not a sustainable and we feel annoying asking customers to review, but the reality is, we must to progress.

So to find that sweet spot in the middle - I'm happy to say a review should take less than a minute to write. We want you to be factual, so only say you loved it if you did. Typing your stream of conscious thoughts on product is actually fine. Its real. Don't review or revise, just type it then press submit and walk away. It's that easy. I've attached a selection of short and sharp ones below as an example.

Customer reviews

Now that you've seen how simple it is, if you want to help Candle Monster get more noticed, you can:

  • You can leave a product review on its corresponding page on our store
  • You can also write a Google business review which is a little more formal, as it asks you to sign in. These are the ones we want the most. These improve our appearance in search results, and they also come up when you interact with CandleMonster in Google Maps. Click here to jump there now.

By writing a few reviews here and there, you will give the small guys a chance to catch up to the big guys.

Thanks for reading, and if you do write some reviews, a huge thanks.

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