Sampler Pack Signature.02


Capricorn • Alpina • Harajuku • Enigmatique
4 x triple scented, 12-hour, soy wax maxi-light samplers.

Our samplers are considerably larger than a regular tealight, and burn for about 12 hours so you can really give each fragrance a decent go to determine if you like it. 

This sampler pack contains:
   •  Signature.05 - Tropic of Capricorn
   •  Signature.06 - Alpina
   •  Signature.07 - Harajuku
   •  Signature.08 - Enigmatique

A discount code is also included inside the box that takes $10 off the price of a full sized Signature or Botanica collection candle. 

These maxi-lights also fit our Kastehelmi and Thule votives and give a maximised experience.



Maxi-lights should never be put directly onto a surface. Always put them on a saucer when lit. Maxi-lights are made of flame resistant polycarbonate which can get very hot, so let it cool before moving it.

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