Single Sample (12 hour)

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Any fragrance  From any collection
1 x triple scented, 12-hour, soy wax maxi-light samplers.

⭐ You can read the detailed descriptions for every fragrance in our range on a single page here. ⭐

Our samplers are considerably larger than a regular tealight, so you can really give each fragrance a decent try. Samplers also perfectly fit into our Kastehelmi and Thule votives for a great experience.

If you want more than one, chose your fragrance and add to cart one at a time. If you have any questions reach out, we're happy to recommend based on your preferences.


Maxi-lights should never be put directly onto a surface. Always put them on a saucer when lit. Maxi-lights are made of flame resistant polycarbonate which can get very hot, so let it cool before moving it.

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