Jasmine Perfume Oil

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Pure Jasmine accord • from our Botanica Collection

10ml rollerball bottle with steel ball, Jojoba oil based formula.


With its intense, exotic notes, Jasmine is an uplifting accord with a comforting effect like no other. Subtle yet intense, delicate, sweet, and connected to memories we hold close.

Fits in your pocket  /  Lasts for hours  /  Apply as desired
Fragrance notes

Pure Jasmine accord: 100% accurate to real flower.

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This scent is also in a candleroom spray, and perfume oil.


Jojoba oil, fragrance. Our perfume oils are natural, vegan, free from parabens and phthalates, and made in Australia by us. 


Apply to semi-exposed part of body, such as wrists or neck by rolling over the area a couple of times. Re-apply as often as desired. 

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