El Nido Reed Diffuser

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Petitgrain • Clove • Geranium • Moss • Musk • Cedar

260ml refillable fibre reed diffuser, 3-6mths duration.

Our diffusers are more generous, perform better, last longer, and look like they come from a modern art gallery. They remind us that one timeless object is more fulfilling than twelve fashionable ones, and you don't have to search for quality, it's there to see.


A comforting, Asiatic accord with a home away from home vibe. A light floral and herbal opening, which subsides into a rich musky, woody base. Takes you away to an exotic destination; an afternoon at the spa, cocktails in the sun, followed with dinner by the beach. A sky full of stars while the waves gently lap the shore.


Fragrance notes
Top: basil, lavender, petitgrain
Middle: geranium, clove
Base: cedarwood, moss, musk

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Our diffusers use a base of dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether, which we blend our fragrances into. They're free from parabens and phthalates, and made in Australia by us.

A certain suaveness sets Luigi Bormioli glassware apart. That’s because it hails from Parma in Italy, nestled between Bologna and Milan. The history of this region can be traced back to the ancient Etruscans. Today the area is a centre of art, music and glass making. Since the ‘40s, Luigi Bormioli have focused on great design, and Italian craftsmanship to create products of distinction.

  • No need to turn reeds - Our reeds are fibre (not rattan) so they don't block up or need turning and will emit consistently to the end. Dip and flip them initially to speed up the start of the diffusion if you like.
  • Drafty areas accellerate - placing the diffuser in doorways, windows, or near air-conditioning vents speeds up liquid consumption, but if thats where you really want it then go for it babe. Our 260ml volume will outlast most others anyway.
  • Fragrance too strong? - Remove 2-6 of the reeds one at a time each day until it's just right.
  • Fragrance too weak? - Let us know and we'll send you a shot of pure fragrance oil to dial it up.
  • Combustible liquid - keep away from flames and hot surfaces. In case of fire: Use fine water spray, normal foam, or dry agent to extinguish.
  • Liquid can stain surfaces - if you spill it, be a petal and wipe it up immediately. Prolonged contact may permanently stain or damage surfaces.
  • Keep reeds off walls and objects - if they're leaning on something, fragrance oil will transmit onto it.
  • Keep out of reach - from children and pets, if swallowed call doctor immediately. If liquid makes contact with eyes, rinse with water. Seek medical help if necessary.

When your diffuser liquid runs out, re-use your glassware with one of our refill kits. At half the price of the diffuser, and with almost no packaging, they're light on your pocket and the environment.

To access our range of refill kits, simply scan the QR code on the bottom of the diffuser glassware, or click here. You can choose any fragrance refill from our range, as the kits contain everything you need to do a proper reboot.

Refill kits contain
• 260ml pouch of perfumed liquid
• New set of 30cm black fibre reeds
• Glassware sticker with fragrance name and styling

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