Breathe... our upcoming new limited edition

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm working on some new products to extend our range... Well one that I didn't mention is about to go into the store very soon. 'Breathe' is a bit of a departure from my regular candles as it's moment of calling is when you're generally feeling your worst.

It's something I've been asked for a few times, so am proud to be bringing it on-board for you. 

It's fragrance brings together eucalyptus, peppermint, fir needle, menthol and rosemary. The soothing vapours will help clear blocked noses, ease sinus pain and generally just help you breathe better so you can get the quality rest you need to recover.

Naturally I couldn't just stop there. After getting inside my customers 'moment' with pulling this product together I decided the visuals were just as important too, given how emotional and down-trodden we can feel when we're sick. So I brought out the big guns and the glassware is the most over the top I think I've seen.

I pushed aside the usual black glassware for a translucent, slightly holographic, rainbow finish - just to make you feel special when you need it the most. It's the first product to use our new packaging I'm finalising, making 'Breathe' not just a great gift to yourself, but also to your loved ones too.

'Breathe' is available now.

Limited editions are added to our range for 3-6 months initially, if they're steady sellers they remain indefinitely.


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