Ukrainian Pride Concrete Candle Coaster Set

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Ukraine 'Proud to be Free' series • Full set 
4 x 10cm hand-made concrete coasters.

This coaster series was designed and created by a Kyiv resident, Yuri, when he returned to his home and restarted his business. A sobering momento of what is still occuring that also embodies the spirit of the resiliant Ukranian people.

The coasters are made of concerete and have a cork backing so they dont scratch your surfaces. Stone coasters are perfect for candles, as the natural stone provides an ideal layer of heat dispersion and insulates the surface below, protecting it from the candles heat.

Suits all candle monster candle sizes and can also be used for drinks. We also have some designs available individually.

Support Ukraine

For years we've had a supplier in Ukraine that makes our terrazzo coasters. He dissapeared when the war broke out and has now returned to his business, naturally we want to support him. His prices have gone up, understandably, so we've decided to give up our profit on his items, listing them at our cost price, with the view that we will hopefully sell more, therefore be ordering more, resulting in more cashflow to his business.

We've turned on backordering for these items, so it will still let you place an order even if we're out of stock. If we're waiting on stock to fulfil your order we will give you an ETA shortly after.

Click here to view our full range of products made in Ukraine. If you have Ukrainian friends send them a link, or better still buy them one of these items as a gift.

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