Slimline Metal Lid Silver

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If you're a fan of candle lids, but are wanting a more premium experience I have the perfect lid for you! These solid metal lids have the perfect weight to them and are edgeless, they sit comfortably on top of all our glassware without clamping over the side walls. They also double as the perfect surface protector to put under the candle while its burning thanks to a 2mm inside collar. The collars true purpose is to provide just enough of a lip to keep the lid from sliding off the candle, and it does.

These lids are lux, they really nice to interact with, and allow you to quickly and cleanly extinguish your candle and avoid smoke tainting your perfumed lounge. Lids preserve and protect the fragrance too. This black lid has a gloss silver finish.

Our lids are designed for reuse and will stand the test of time - a worthy investment!

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