Monster Box No.10

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Pink Edition  204 hours total burn time

6 x 220g 34-hour triple scented pure soy wax candles

Monster Boxes are perfect for people who want a more economical option to allow them to explore fragrance and burn basic candles, more often. They're also very easy on the environment as there is hardly any packaging waste. 

 • David Austen Rose
 • Apple
 • Pomelo & Red currant
 • Tropico
 • River mint (native to Australia)
 • Wild mulberry (native to Australia)

    To make the Monster Boxes as cheap as possible they don't have individual lids or come individually packed in their own boxes. They come in plain clear glasses with a simple label of the fragrance name. Purchasing in this bulk size means a single unit costs only $11.50!


     • 100% premium soy wax used
     • Low allergy fragrance oil
     • Triple scented, gives great warm and cold throw
     • Lead free cotton wicks
     • Clear glassware

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