Luxuriate Candle Insert Refill Service

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*Minimum of 2 or more inserts to order.

 Yep, we think they're gorgeous too and almost bought one. We also think $50 for a 330g refill is robbery. So just for you, we refill your empty inserts, and we let you choose from our entire fragrance collection, which you can view here. If you're new to our range, try our samplers.

 Refilled product specifications

  • We will use a single wick specifically chosen to optimise burn duration.
  • We only use high grade pure soy wax.
  • We always use the highest possible fragrance load
  • We will pour to the top
  • We will put a warning sticker on the bottom with the fragrance name

Using this service

  • You can post inserts to us or drop them to North Fitzroy (we do not have a store front, but there is a safe spot to leave them)
  • From that point on, use our store like normal
  • Choose your first fragrance, then add to bag
  • Repeat until you have correct quantity in your bag, then check out

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