Snowball Crystal Votive

By Kosta Boda of Sweden

Capturing the playful side of a fresh winter snow, the Snowball votive offers a whimsical yet luminescent shape. It's crafted of thick, clear crystal with layers, creases, and bumps that give it a realistic, just-patted-into-shape look. The light moves through the glass in all directions and angles, the effect is magical. 


Use them as a centrepiece on your dining table, or mantelpiece, or just to dial up the ambiance in your lounge on a weeknight for night for no real reason. Three or more scattered around a room at different heights creates a stunning effect.

We also sell clear walled tealights which maximise brightness in votives, as the light comes out from all directions.

About the maker

Around the world Kosta Boda is associated with unique glass articles, art glass, and custom glass that all add beauty to their everyday life. Together with its skilful designers, Kosta Boda presents a new collection of glass every spring and autumn. These glass articles are manufactured in an unlimited edition. Kosta Boda art glass is always produced in limited editions. Their artists are free to develop techniques and ways of expression as they please.

Product details
 • Material: crystal glassware
 • Dimensions: H 7cm x W 8cm (medium)
 • Elegant clear snowball shaped votive
 • Beautifully handmade in Sweden
 • Designed by Ann Wärff in 1973
 • Holds a single tealight inside, clear walled is best
 • Enjoyment guaranteed

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