Earth Hour Limited Edition Candle

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Bergamot • Banksia • Cassia Bark • Cedar
440g triple scented, 80+-hour, soy wax candle.
Donation of $5 from every sale to World Wide Fund for Nature.


Fresh, slightly sweet, citrus, floral, with light woods and a native twang, This accord feels very local, yet has universal appeal cross many demographics, despite the unusual combination of notes. Very morish and comforting, visitors will most definately remark. We chose this stunning semi-opaque white pearlescent glassware for the brightness factor, considering during earth hour you will likely have your lights off.


The World Wide Fund for Nature is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961, that works in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment. Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature. The event is held annually, encouraging individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off non-essential electric lights, for one hour, being symbolic of awareness of energy consumption. The event started in Australia in 2007. Visit the Earth Hour website here.

Fragrance notes:
  • Top: bergamot, grapefruit
  • Middle: fir needle, banksia

  • Base: cassia bark, cedarwood

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Not available in any other products, if you would like it to be please request it, we would be happy to make it just for you.

pure, sustainable soy wax with lead-free wick, and quality low-allergen fragrance. Natural and vegan. More about our candles here, and tips for maximising burn time here.

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