Christmas Limited Edition Candle

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450g triple scented, 85-hour, soy wax candle.
Donation of $5 from every sale to Headspace.
For delicate surfaces, place this candle on a saucer.

Our Christmas edition has two glassware colours, so we thought why not offer two fragrances too so people choose their idea of the festive season that best compliments their gatherings.

You can choose between mirror finish purple or gold; both with trees etched into the mirrored layer. As the candle burns down further, the trees light up more and more, showing the candle light through them. Their giftboxes are styled as actual presents, with ribbons and bows in complimentary colours, making them already wrapped for gifting - they even have a blank card attached inside, featuring Santa on the beach.


Mint • Conifer • Patchouli • Fir Needle • Vanilla • Cedar

The moment

This accord that hits all the notes of the quintessential Christmas moment as it's portrayed and romanticised about. Green and fresh, woody and centering, with a beautiful array of accents that localise, modernise, and add an some effervesce that represents our Australian Christmas. 

Fragrance notes
Top: peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, grapefruit
Middle: conifer, alpine oak, Siberian fir needle
Base: patchouli, cedarwood, oakmoss, vanilla


Plums • Blackcurrant • Cyclamen • Nutmeg • Fir Needle

The moment
This fragrance throws a festive concoction of complex aromas that truly compliment each other. Delightful fruity notes of lemon head this stunning fragrance with the intoxicating allure of cyclamen and pine. Final notes of spice, florals and amber complete this resonant fragrance.

Fragrance notes
Top: blackcurrant, lemon peel 
Middle: cyclamen, fir needle 
Base: nutmeg, plum



This year a generation of young adults have missed out on support and stability at a time that's usually a really life-anchoring right of passage. We've all had a rough year and need a bit of TLC, but with them sits a potential for lasting damage; broken dreams, confusion and fear for what lies ahead. This Christmas should be about them. Spending time with them, listening to them, and helping them get some tools and support that we don't need to broker - like letting them know about Headspace, and where their nearest centre is.


Pure, sustainable soy wax with lead-free wick, and quality low-allergen fragrance. Natural and vegan. More about our candles here, and tips for maximising burn time here.

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