Accessory Kit - Matte Black

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Tray • Wick Trimmers • Snuffer • Dipper
All electroplated steel finish, in matte black.


    Snuffers are a convenient and safe way to simply and immediately completely extinguish a burning candle. The bell stops more oxygen from getting to the flame forcing it to go out. Snuffers prevent stop the candle from smoking, as it does when blown out.


      Maximising the burn time of your candles means trimming your wick to around 0.5cm after each use. Getting a pair of scissors in there can be quick difficult, these purpose made candle trimmers make it easy and safe.


      Wick adjusters, or dippers as they're sometimes called, are the perfect multi-purpose tool for the candle owner. Typically they're used to adjust your wick, or as an alternate method of extinguishing by dipping the wick under the wax. It can also be used to clean the edge of the vessel and to tidy any stray wax which can interfere with the flame.


      These gorgeous oval trays are the piece de-resistance for your candle ritual, giving you the perfect place to park your wick trimmer, snuffer and lighter (or matches) when not in use. Gone is the need to hide your accessories in the drawer! This allows you to keep them out next to your candle on display, whilst protecting your surface from wax or wick trimmings.

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