Our gift guides are made using our deep knowledge of fragrance and our products; then supplemented with customer purchases and demographics. We're confident our recommendations will be well received, but just in case they aren't, we have a simple 30 day return policy so they can swap it. We accept that fragrance is subjective - having the right product in customers hands is always our goal.

If you'd like guidance with our fragrances, message us on live chat or contact us via your preferred channel. We're always here and happy to help from 8am to 8pm every day.

Perfumed Candles for Her

Choose the female persona that matches your unique girl the closest for our recommendation.

... if she's a free spirited girl

... if she's a sophisticated lady

... if she's a total party girl

... if she's loves nature and is outdoorsy

Fragrant Candles for Him

Guess what? Men love candles too, providing you get them the right ones. We purposefully research notes and accords that appeal to men. Choose the male persona that matches your man for our recommendation.

... if he's a modern man

... if he's a manly man

... if he's an outdoorsy man

For Gay and Lesbian Couples

One of our favourite sayings is "You do you, babe" ...all our products are intended for people from all walks for life, but it would be a shame to not call out something we made especially for you!

Unisex Luxury Hand Washes

Our liquid soaps are coconut based, and loaded with essential oils. 'Restore' is our original, and unique to us, you get to chose your label to match your space!

Swedish Crystal Votives