Rainforest Reed Diffuser 240ml


Green Leaves • Sandal • Tea Olive • Honeysuckle 
Premium reed diffuser with 240ml Italian glassware.

Consistent and enduring, our triple strength diffusers fill the air with premium fragrance for up to three months. The unique glassware has a chic aesthetic to match most décor and they look great on display. Buying our diffusers also gets you access to our refill kits which are priced well and reward reuse by letting you try other fragrances too. 


A stunning fragrance that can only clearly be explained to someone as a 'wet blooming tropical garden' is done no justice from that description. Light it up, let it permeate your space, and transport you away to where you’d rather be. Somewhere warmer, fresh and outdoors, basking in natural beauty with no phones in sight, only the sound of animals calling to each other in the distance.


A certain suaveness sets Luigi Bormioli glassware apart. That’s because it hails from Parma in Italy, nestled between Bologna and Milan. The history of this region can be traced back to the ancient Etruscans. Today the area is a centre of art, music and glass making. Since the ‘40s, Luigi Bormioli have focused on great design, and Italian craftsmanship to create products of distinction.


Top: sage, magnolia, tea olive
Middle: jasmine, honeysuckle, bergamot
Base: amber, blue vetiver, sandalwood

Explore availability of this fragrance in other products. If it's not available in a product you would like please request it, we would be happy to make it just for you.


We use 5mm fibre reeds for better and more consistent performance over rattan. Fibre reeds do not need to be turned and will emit fragrance consistently to the end without being turned once. Keep your diffuser away from drafts such as doorways, windows, and air-conditioning. This will ensure your reed diffuser reaches its full life expectancy. Make sure reeds aren't touching the walls or other objects nearby or fragrance oil will be transmitted onto it.


Care should be taken not to spill the liquid on any surface. If spillage occurs wipe away immediately. Prolonged contact may permanently stain or damage surfaces. Do not use near flames or heat. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If swallowed call doctor immediately. If liquid makes contact with eyes, rinse with water. Seek medical help if necessary.  

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