Strange Times Indeed...

Such strange world we're in right now... I'm starting to forget what normal was like, and even if I could remember I suspect the post lock-down world will see us in a new normal. Nonetheless the old British mantra is popping into my head over and over again, 'Keep Calm and Carry on', so we did what we do best, and got to it. We managed to achieve quite a bit this weekend.

Our extensive sampler box has had a much needed top up (see picture) which we use to welcome new people to our store - Did you know that if you sign up to our newsletter list we send you a free 12 hour sample of your choice? If you haven't claimed yours let me know. We also use these to spoil existing customers by popping one in each parcel we ship. If you'd like to choose your sampler instead of us surprising you on your next order, just add a comment with your choice to your order at checkout time.

Our Monster Box has just had a refresh over to our new branding - if you haven't seen our monster boxes, check them out, they offer great value for those who like burning candles more often, or those who prefer to avoid all the packaging.

Our Restore hand-wash is proving very popular, it's gentle on the hands, packed with essential oils, and contains no nasties, leaving your hands soft and moisturised. It smells wonderful. People are choosing different labels too, just like we hoped. Did you know when you order it, you get to pick from nine different label designs, so you can compliment the styling of the room its going into? We're proud of that little cherry on top.

Our most recent addition to our Signature Collection, Bramble, has generated more feedback from customers than any other product, it seems you all absolutely love it. It's so nice to hear.

I hope you're all doing OK and haven't lost your job like a lot of others, these are trying times and our little rituals are more important than ever to stop us from losing our minds. For the duration of the lock-down, Candle Monster offers all customers 20% off store wide to help lift your home life a little. Use the code GOODVIBES at checkout to apply the discount.

Enjoy, and take care of yourself,

Candle Monster xx









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