Introducing our new Samplers

I'll be the first to agree that being an online only business you're at a disadvantage with your customers not able to pop into your store and browse your products. For  scented candle makers this is even more applicable.

I've always known I needed to come up with a method that removes these barriers for potential customers. I considered going down the 'box of tealights' path... but tea-lights are just so un-dashing. I then discovered maxi-cups. About 4 times the size of a tea-light, and the outer shell is a flame retardant clear polycarbonate. But the best part? They burn for 12-15 hours each.

Now we're talking. If someone wants to experience my fragrances, I want them to be able to really experience them. I finally found a mechanism to fulfill that opportunity.

Next comes the packaging. A box of 4 seemed right. Typically you'd want to try a couple of the fragrances, a box of 4 gives you a couple of others to try too.

You can purchase our samplers by visiting their collection page here.

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