Are we all trade showed out?

I'm sure some of you had a similar weekend to me. There were four really large trade shows on at the same time, each offering something slightly different, meaning best results saw people hopping around to visit all four. Despite that have to say I really enjoyed myself. I got to see so much passion and creativity from people that were often standing right behind their creations, grinning from ear to ear, waiting to tell you about them.

What about on the scented candle front you say? Quite a lot of beige to be honest. There were so many stall holder all pushing the same kind of thing, with the exception of two that had pretty great offerings. So many chandlers told me so much detail about how their artwork is being done by blah blah and next quater they're getting some other person to do it. So much focus on artwork and definitely not enough and fragrance curation.

I've attached a picture of my winner (by far) of best candle related product. I had a giggle when I saw those. 

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