Capricorn Perfume


They say patience is a virtue.
I'm more of an "Everything now" kinda person. 


Gardenia • Frangipani • Tuberose • Lily • Jasmine 
Perfume, matte black glass vaporiser spray, 50ml.
Fragrance in a candleroom sprayperfume, or perfume oil.


An exquisite bouquet of the most beautiful and exotic flowers nature has to offer, layered on top of captivating base of gardenia. This tropical-chic fragrance really resounds with free-spirited people. 

About our Perfumes

Sure we're no Dior, but why can only fashion house and celebrities release perfumes? Exactly. A great fragrance is a great fragrance. If you love it who cares about anything else. Our perfumes celebrate our highly curated fragrances by letting you leave the house with them. They're priced to promote discovery, and let you explore your love for fragrance, just like we got to building Candle Monster. Have fun!

About our Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is was what started Candle Monster. We come across a unique fragrance that changed our world. It transported us, it invoked memories, and if we were relaxed and closed our eyes it was like we were there. We hunted, created, failed and triumphed and built a collection of equally special scents. The years have flown by, but Signature will never end. We will keep adding to it but only those equally worthy.


Cosmetic grade (plant derived) Ethanol, Fragrance.

Detailed fragrance notes

Top: cyclamen, lilac, hyacinth. Heart: mimosa flower, rose. Base: gardenia, jasmine, muguet


Flammable. Store below 21c. Do not use near flames or heat. Do not spray towards people or animals. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If swallowed call doctor immediately. If liquid makes contact with eyes, rinse with water. Seek medical help if necessary. 


Apply a 2-3 sprays to desired location on body, such as wrists or neck. Re-apply as desired.

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