Monster Box of 12 Scented Candles

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Monster Boxes are perfect for people who want to burn more economical candles, more often. They're also great for people who enjoy exploring different fragrances.

To make the Monster Boxes as cheap as possible they don't have lids or come individually packed in their own boxes.They are plain clear glasses with a simple label of the fragrance name.

This Monster Box contains 12 x Medium 220g scented candles with a 40 hour burn time each. That's 480 hours or burn time contained in one box, and purchasing in the bulk size means a single unit costs only $11.66 each

Fragrances in this Monster Box

    1. Amazon Lily & Rain
    2. Japanese Honeysuckle
    3. Earl Grey Tea
    4. Melon Spritzer
    5. Pearl Tuberose
    6. Winter Nights Dream
    7. Makassar Ebony & Peach
    8. Lemon Scented Myrtle
    9. Imperial Rose
    10. Japanese Cherry Blossom
    11. White Patchouli
    12. Cinnamon Orange

    Please note
    Fragrances used in Monster Boxes are from a lower tier than our Signature and Botanica series. They are either surplus from a custom bulk-batch we produced for a customer, or fragrances we enjoyed but didn't add them to our range. We would never on-sell to someone a fragrance that we ourselves didn't like.



    • Hand made in Melbourne, Australia
    • Burn time: 40 hours each, 480 hours total
    • Wax: 100% premium soy wax
    • Fragrance type: Low allergy fragrance oil
    • Fragrance load: 14%, gives great warm and cold throw
    • Wick: braided cotton lead free
    • Glassware style: Clear glass
    • Dimensions: 90mm (h) x 69mm (w), 220g (vol)
    • Lid style: none
    • Filled candle weight: 465g each
    • Total filled party box weight: 5.7kg


          • Don't save these candles for special, every day is special
          • First burn must allow wax to melt right to the edge
          • Follow these tips to maximise your burn time
          • Before each use, trim wick to 5mm high
          • Prepare empty glassware for re-purposing using this guide is easy

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