Medium Giftbox 2

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A great range of products with a huge sense of value. Hand and body washes spoil often during their daily routine, and the candles set the ambiance in their leisure time, while letting them experience the eclectic sophistication of our Signature Collection. The wick trimmer maximises their burn time, and the cheeky perfume oil fits in their bag to go everywhere.


- 4 x Medium scented candles *
- 1 x Wick trimmer *
- 1 x Luxury hand wash *
- 1 x Body wash *
- 1 x Perfume oil *
- 1 x Whittakers artisan chocolate block


    We chose product variants with broad appeal for the photo, but truth is we make all gift boxes to order, as tailoring it to the recipients taste is part of it. You can choose the variant of each item marked above with *, or we can help - we'll ask you 5 questions and those answers will tell us all we need. 


      Gift box is rigid, high quality and has magnets in flap to close. We dress it in a thick satin ribbon with large bow. We offer a simple blank card should you want us to put your message on it, and dispatch straight to the recipient. Gift box is bubble wrapped and shipped in other box.

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