Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale prices are available to customers that will be reselling our products to the consumer through an established retail store or web site. We work with you and your business to decide what products are going to benefit you. We take into account your business type, customer demographics, location, traffic and typical customer basket size. We have a multi-tiered wholesaler pricing structure that functions as follows:

  • New low-volume clients pay a slightly higher cost, and may stock a maximum of 5 skus
  • Repeat clients get a per unit cost reduction
  • Regular clients can increase their stocked skus
  • High volume clients get rewarded with the cheapest cost 
  • Higher tier clients must order and stock specific accessories and display in-store with candles to match our preferred customer experience - wick trimmers and snuffers sell themselves and our customers generally buy them too.


Minimum Order Quantities

Minimum order quantities apply holistically at category level and vary based on the wholesaler tier you fit into. We do allow flexibility in that you can chose the quantities of individual SKU's to meet that minimum. For example, the minimum order quantity might be 20 units across 4 SKU's. Instead of getting 5/5/5/5 you can chose to get 17/1/1/1.

Product Samples

Ambience IS our business so we completely understand the importance of it to you as a sales tool, being an engagement point to your customers. We automatically include medium sized (38hr) clean-skin samples for you to burn in store to seed engagement. The quantity you get is based on your total units orders. Additional clean-skins can be purchased for $8.00 each at any time.

Out of Stock / Changes to orders

We try to have everything in stock. However, there may be unavoidable outages. In cases like this we will be very prompt communicators, come with ETAs, alternate options and be focused on getting product to your shelves as quickly as possible. We have build up multiple local suppliers to overlap supply to avoid this.


We are currently only accepting wholesale customers within Victoria as shipping charges are excessive when dealing with large quantities interstate. Shipping costs are determined at the time of ordering and these costs are passed on to the customer. We can quote all shipping costs up front.


In the event that the you wish to discontinue any or all CandleMonsters products it will be up to you to sell thru until stock is exhausted. Wholesale goods once delivered are the property of the receiving entity and cannot be returned for a credit. Returns will only be accepted if the wrong product has been supplied. There are no cancellations or returns on custom made units.

Payment Terms

We prefer Direct Deposit and cash, but can accept Visa and Mastercard. There are no customer accounts or lines of credit available. Orders need to be paid for in full before they are fulfilled.

International Orders

We do not ship international orders at this time.


To protect our wholesalers individual markets and repeat customers, we coordinate an exclusivity buffer around their geographical areas. We do this because we want a non-competitive environment for our products and your stores. We achieve this by offering different series to nearby stores, or different product mixes altogether.

Whilst we do not enforce prices for our products, we have set and honor our own suggested recommended retail price (RRP). This is the price that we will sell our own product for on our website. We'd prefer it if you sold them in store for that too. Everyone loves a sale, so feel free to put them on sale once in a while.

We want CandleMonster product buyers to have a consistent purchasing experience across every channel possible that aligns with the high quality products that we produce and the brand we've created.


We do not offer re-branded versions of our products at this point. If you are in the market for a candle series branded as your own, reach out. We are very experienced in this space and can prototype a full series for consideration, then do branding / packaging designs and even produce and supply the candles to you to order.


We have an on-boarding booklet we'd be happy to send you. Click here to complete a Wholesaler inquiry form, or give us a call on +61 419 341 209.