There is such a large variance in glassware sizes offered in the candle market, which often confuses. 


The image below shows our standard glassware sizing. Medium, Large, then Extra-large. All Signature and Botanica Series candles are extra-large.


The table below shows typical candle form factors and their specifications. It's common for manufacturers to use differing glassware sizes, but most will sit on, or around these sizes. Please note, burn times are variable; hours quoted below are achieved by following these guidelines.

Size Volume Fill vol. Burn time Suitability Notes
Tealight (small) 17g 15g 3-4 hrs Mood lighting only Common sampler size
Tealight (large) 28g 25g 7-8 hrs Mood lighting only
Maxi-lite 56g 50g 12-15 hrs Small area Best performing sampler size
Medium glassware 230g 220g 40 hrs Bedroom, study or small area Common retail size
Large glassware 310g 300g 60 hrs Lounge or medium living area Common retail size
Extra-large glassware 440g 430g 80 hrs Large open plan house Best performing size


As a candle monster myself, I started to find that the medium and large candles just weren't hitting the spot anymore. With our preferences, homes, and habits changing, we did our research and made an uncommon choice, which we standby. Here's why.

  • Our extra-large candles have bigger wicks, get bigger melt pools, and put out more scent which can travel further distances
  • The bigger wick gets an edge to edge melt pool much faster, which means your candle gets to the point you want it to considerably quicker. You can usually smell the fragrance 20-30 mins after lighting it in a typical sized lounge room
  • Our homes are getting bigger, or more often we have large open plan living areas. Smaller candles just don't fill the spaces as you'd like them to, many people learn this the hard way
  • We've all become candle monsters, we're insatiable, so the bigger form factor gives you many more uses from a single unit, therefore slowing the churn of glassware, packaging boxes and lids. People using smaller units are outputting twice as much waste
  • Buying a bigger candle half as often often means half the postage costs
  • Our fragrances are so good you'll want them to last that little bit longer!
We want your candle rituals to be special and everything you want them to be and are happy to discuss any of this to help you make informed purchases. Feel free to contact us.