Harajuku Perfume Oil


Verbena • Freesia • Yuzu • Lily • Sandalwood 
Pure perfume in jojoba oil, 10ml roll-on, steel roller ball.
Fragrance in a candle, room sprayperfume, or perfume oil.


A springtime forest filled with exotic woods, blooming flowers, waterfalls and sunshine. A fresh and young yet complex fragrance with many notes that come together like a beautiful symphony.

About our Perfume Oils

Discreet, and at your leisure, our roll-on perfume oils allow you to apply as needed with a fragrance which lasts for hours. Perfect size to fit in your bag, or your pocket to come with you. Our products have minimal branding, giving a finish that fits anyone's personal style.

About our Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is was what started Candle Monster. We come across a unique fragrance that changed our world. It transported us, it invoked memories, and if we were relaxed and closed our eyes it was like we were there. We hunted, created, failed and triumphed and built a collection of equally special scents. The years have flown by, but Signature will never end. We will keep adding to it but only those equally worthy.


Jojoba oil, Fragrance.

Detailed fragrance notes

Top notes: verbena, tangerine, cypress, yuzu, coriander, clary sage. Middle notes: blue water lily, nutmeg, saffron, cinnamon. Base notes: amber, tobacco, vetiver, sandalwood, musk.


Apply to desired location on body, such as wrists or neck by rolling over the area a couple of times. Re-apply as often as desired. 

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